patent portfolio overview

Here at Ubiquity we have a number of patented and patent pending products that cover a range of technology and interactive services. 

One of the most important of these patents is called Sprocket which is an easy to use navigation tool that simplifys the management of your digital lifestyle.

Sprocket isn’t the only patent in our portfolio – we also have Lifestyle portal which is integrated into the Sprocket product, Immersive advertising and commerce that enables the easy visualization and customization of products and services, Super Compression, a next generation compression format that will provide crisp and highly efficient video transmission and Mobile Editing, which allows for on the go video editing and production.

To learn more about our portfolio, check out the video on the right or explore our website using the navigation above.


Any use of trademarks or trade names herein does not imply any relationship or license agreement between Ubiquity and the companies depicted.

patent portfolio

Lifestyle Portal Lifestyle Portal
Immersive Immersive 1
Immersive Interactive Immersive 2
Sprocket Sprocket
Mobile Editing Mobile Editing
B2B / B2c B2B/B2c
Virtual Recording Studio Virtual Recording Studio
Compression Compression
Movie Book Movie Book
Bobble Head Bobble Head
Cellular Podcasting Cellular Podcasting
Cryptic Translation Cryptic Translation
Fly-By Advertising Fly-By Advertising
HD Video Enhancement HD Video Enhancement
Interactive Puzzle Interactive Puzzle
Multi-Screen Multi-Screen
Selling Ad-Hoc Videos on Cell Selling Ad-Hoc Videos on Cell
World Smartcard World Smartcard
Mobile Karaoke Mobile Karaoke
Mobile Video Mobile Video
Video Enhancement Video Enhancement
Movie Book Movie Book
Mobile Gift Card Mobile Gift Card
Mobile Messaging Mobile Messaging
Cross-Platform Video Cross-Platform Video
IP Streaming IP Streaming
Video Messaging Video Messaging
Immersive Advertising III Immersive Advertising III
Mobile Data Compression Mobile Data Compression
Mobile Wallet Mobile Wallet
Fly Buy coupon Fly Buy coupon
HD Compression HD Compression
Medical Scan Medical Scan
My Faves My Faves
Tagging Video Tagging Video
Value Added Video Clips Value Added Video Clips
Virtual Assistant Virtual Assistant
Sprocket III Sprocket III
Logo Detection Logo Detection

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