Connie Jordan / Senior Vice President of Intellectual Property and Transmedia Development

Connie Jordan began her professional career in banking, and in 1977 she became one of the youngest female bank executives in the United States. Later joining U.S. West in the Major Accounts Division, Jordan designed and implemented technology for Fortune 500 clients, traveling extensively as a lecturer on college campuses, and at leading telecommunications seminars. Jordan turned her attention to the design of intricate telecommunications solutions for her clients, as Founder CEO of Signal Management Group. Shifting gears she began a career in Television writing, producing, and co- hosting successful shows such as California Lifestyles, Premier Real Estate Show, and Yachting Lifestyles for Cable, ABC, ESPN, and the Discovery Network. As a consultant in 1997, Jordan began shifting her focus to the Internet. A futuristic, inventive, and creative thinker, Jordan co-founded Ubiquity and wrote the "World Smart Card" patent, and has co-authored several more including "Lifestyle," "Immersive Advertising," and "B2B" to name a few.

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